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Secret Lives of 4/5 Year Olds


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The Catch


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The Night Bus






BAFTA nominated series looking at how young children make and break friendships, learn to share, stand up for themselves, and find their place in a new social group.

Alice Wheater/Jackie Waldock/Teresa Watkins//RDF//C4


Deep-sea fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in Britain. The Catch provides a rare insight into the reality of life at sea. This first episode meets Phil, the skipper of the Govenek of Ladram, his crew and 21-year-old rookie Louis, who faces a rough ride on a deckie training course.

Nick Hornby//Blast!//C4


An ordinary night bus kitted out with cameras witnesses the funny, surprising and sometimes moving interaction between passengers after dark. This episode meets the tourists and newcomers to London having their first experience of the night bus: a microcosm of the city's conflicting characteristics of tolerance and inequality.

Jackie Waldock/David Hodgkinson//Blast!//C4
















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24 Hours in Police Custody


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Fire in the Blood


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24 Hours in A&E

Police Custody





'Confession of a Paedophile'

Part rig, part observational doc. following the work of the Child Protection Unit and the Major Crimes Unit on a day when two susupected paedophile cases passed through Luton Police Station

Pete Beard//The Garden//C4


The untold story of drug companies use of patents to maintain the high price of anti retro viral drugs and the coalition of interests that came together to fight it, saving millions of lives in the developing world.


Dylan Mohan Gray/Christo Hird//Sparkwater/Dartmouth Films

Official Selection: Sundance 2013, Sheffield Doc/Fest, UK cinema


Rig based observational documentaries. 92 cameras, 7 streams, 24 hours of each from which to find the characters and stories to make an hour of C4's top rating show.

The Garden/C4
















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iLL Manors


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Black Gold


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The Do Gooders






A unique crime thriller set on the unforgiving streets of London, iLL Manors follows six disparate lives, all struggling to survive the circles of violence that engulf them.

Ben Drew//Aimimage/Film London/Revolver/BBC Films

Cinema & DVD


Western obsession with coffee grows while the third world producers struggle to earn a living and the middle men take ever more of the profits.

Marc & Nick Francis/Christo Hird//Speak-it//Sundance/Brit Docs

Sundance/Britdoc/UK Film Council funded. UK, USA, Germany & Canada cinema release, DVD & TV Official Selection: Sundance, Hot Docs, London, Rome, Seattle, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, IDFA, ResFest & many others. BIFA Best Achievement in Production UK tx More4 True Stories


Chloe Ruthven follows in the footsteps of her grand parents who went to Palestine as volunteers 50 years ago. From gap year volunteers to international aid, what does helping mean today for the givers and the receivers? Who does it benefit?

Chloe Ruthven//Roast Beef/Film Clinic

Official selection: London Film Festival. Supported by BBC Storyville
















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After The Apocalypse


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The Undertaking


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Al Jazeera:Exclusive






People in the former Soviet nuclear test sites in Kazakhstan still live with consequences of 30 years of testing. Now, one local doctor has controversial plans to limit the spread of damaged genes down the generations.

Antony Butts/Natasha Dack/Christo Hird//Tiger Lily/More4

Official selection: Sheffield Doc/Fest 10, HotDocs ’11, UK cinema release Nominated Best Doc One World Media Awards UK tx More4 True Stories


As an undertaker with over 30 years experience, the theme of death dominates the work of Thomas Lynch, yet his writing is rich in passion, humour and an undeniable logic. For him it is only through dealing with death that we can truly get on with the business of living.The Undertaking brings the audience on an engaging and inspiring journey into Thomas Lynch’s unique world.

Cathal Black/Aisling Ahmed//Little Bird//Irish Film Board/BBC/RTE

UK tx BBC Storyville, US title Learning Gravity,
Best Documentary - Irish Film & Television Awards - nomination
Silver World Medal - New York Festivals
Official Selection Teluride, SxSW, Stranger than Fiction


Observational documentary set inside Al Jazeera headquarters in Qatar during the Iraq War. Watched by millions of people in the Arab world, the first Arabic all-news network had continuous access to events. The Western-trained staff apply Western criteria of newsworthiness (”what bleeds, leads”), yet find themselves accused of radicalising public opinion and fomenting unrest.

Ben Anthony//BBC/PBS

Winner: Cine Golden Eagle Award
















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The Magician of Samarkand


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The Last Thakur


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Hugh Williams






Children's drama with Sir Ben Kingsley - Jackanory re-imagined as an animated storybook. Shot green screen and edited with a team of compositors and 3D artists.

Nick Willing//BBC

BAFTA - nomination
Banff World Television Festival - winner
Televisual Bulldog Awards - winner


An intense contemporary Western, which takes place in a remote town in the marshlands of Bangladesh. A mysterious young man, Kala, arrives armed with a rifle. He immediately creates a stir in the small town and especially attracts the attention of two rival leaders: the ruthless and powerful Chairman who runs the place and purports to represent his people and the one man that stands in his way: the local Thakur, one of the last Hindu landlords.

Sadik Ahmed//Aimimage//Artificial Eye

Official Selection: London Film Festival, Solthurn, Durban, Dubai, Munich


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