I absolutely hate having my picture spread across this site, but its a necessary evil.


When I was young, Hugh Williams felt like a pretty unique name, but that doesn't seem to be the case any more.


In the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's there was an actor called Hugh Williams who appeared in British feature films. Hugh Williams, the actor


Nowadays, there is a senior TV executive, called Hugh Williams, who once ran Nationwide on BBC1.


And at the BBC there is also a radio reporter called Hugh Williams, who I believe is a correspondent in Scotland.


However... there are two editors called Hugh Williams working in London.


This is me. Is this the one you are looking for? I'm the original, please don't confuse our credits.




If you Google "Hugh Williams" there are plenty of results. You will find the producer of "A Son of Africa", a BBC film widely distributed to academic institutions in the USA - that's me. The Internet Movie Database knows me as Hugh Williams (II) and for some reason also thinks I am sometimes know as Hugh Williamson - news to me! My entry in IMD (which is a bit mixed up, but I'm fed up with trying to get it straightened out.)


And I've come across this story in a few different places, so it must be true.


Walking down Wardour Street recently, as editors often do, I saw this in a gallery window..




Painted by Jake Wood-Evans


So I searched out the original painting that Jake's was based on.




Its in the National Portait Gallery. This Hugh Williams was an English watercolourist and landscape painter who worked in Scotland and died in 1829.

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